Local distillery to launch rum with a taste of Jersey hemp

Local distillery to launch rum with a taste of Jersey hemp

The Channel Island Liquor Company, a pan-Island drinks company, is due to open its South Pier distillery in the coming days and will mark the occasion with the launch of its rum inspired by the Jersey Hemp fields.

The company is the result of a partnership between local restaurateur Mark Taft and Guernseyman Luke Wheadon, creator of the award-winning Wheadon’s Gin, which is now owned by CILC.

Mr Taft said: ‘Our primary focus will be getting the distillery up and running to export our products, taking people through our journey to demonstrate that the Channel Islands is capable of producing world class liquor on an international platform.

‘Our goal is to educate people on what goes into making a really good liquor, allowing people to make up their own minds as to what their preference is.’

The rum is set to be stocked by most local wholesalers while orders from Sweden, Russia, New Zealand and the Caribbean have already been placed.

Mr Wheadon added: ‘Our rum is the result of a year’s careful consideration and something we didn’t want to rush. I am a purist when it comes to creating liquor and it was vitally important that all our products have integrity and make the most of the natural ingredients available to us here in the Channel Islands. There truly is nothing like this rum available on the market, so it stands in a class of its own.

‘Just like gin has become trendy over the last five years, rum is now due to have its time in the sun and we wanted to launch a product that would reflect our expertise, our Channel Island heritage and our passion for what we do.’

The company has said it will source local ingredients to create its liquors.

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