Predatory paedophile who had to be removed from court after repeated outbursts is jailed for nine years

A PREDATORY paedophile labelled Jersey’s justice system as ‘corrupt’ as he was jailed for nine years for historic sexual abuse in the Island.

Robert Carrel     Picture: STATES OF JERSEY POLICE (25173950)
Robert Carrel Picture: STATES OF JERSEY POLICE (25173950)

Robert George Carrel (63) who was living in the UK before his arrest, was jailed after he had been removed from the Royal Court minutes after the hearing began for disrupting proceedings and abusive language.

At first he told Crown Advocate Richard Pedley, prosecuting, to ‘tell the truth’ and was warned by Commissioner Julian Clyde-Smith, who then removed him after a second outburst.

Carrel said: ‘Jersey’s justice system is corrupt, this is a witch hunt.

‘F*****g corrupt b******s the lot of you.’

He was then brought back in by Commissioner Clyde-Smith to hear his sentence.

At his trial in March, Carrel hurled abuse at the jurors after being found guilty and had to be forcibly removed from the dock.

Crown Advocate Pedley told the court how Carrel was brought to Jersey on an arrest warrant, after previously being jailed for 12 years in 2010 for raping a disabled girl of 11 and abusing a younger girl.

The court heard how Carrel would give the girl, who was under the age of ten, sweets and treats after abusing her.

On two occasions he took her to his flat where he coerced the girl into sexually touching him.

In her evidence during the trial, the victim said she was told she was a ‘good girl’ before being given presents. When she got older, she said, she realised what had happened to her.

One of Carrel’s victims from his crimes in England gave evidence and she said she was also rewarded after abuse.

Recalling what the victim said in the trial, Crown Advocate Pedley said: ‘She said “at the time I thought he cared, I wanted to believe he cared. I didn’t know it was abuse, I thought I was being a good girl, I trusted him. I believed he cared, every child wants to be rewarded”.’

Crown Advocate Pedley said the victim had been on medication for 20 years and said she felt guilty for not speaking up sooner.

Reading from the victim impact statement, Crown Advocate Pedley said: ‘I feel guilty for not speaking up sooner before abuse other people suffered.

‘I can’t continue living in Jersey. I am scared the sentence won’t be long enough and he will come after me.’

He added that the victim had suffered severe psychological harm.

The prosecutor added that a report on Carrel found that his offending was planned and he had an attraction to children.

Calling for a nine-year sentence, Advocate Pedley added: ‘These are serious offences against a vulnerable young female child, and there is no greater example of the devastation sexual abuse of children can cause.

‘The victim said the abuse was harrowing and that he took her innocence.

‘He has shown no remorse and the Crown considers only a lengthy custodial sentence is appropriate. He has been and remains a danger to the public.’

Advocate James Bell, defending, said his client maintained his innocence.

He said: ‘You are well aware from his comments today that he maintains his innocence and believes he has been convicted on the say-so of one person.

‘Having been convicted at trial he knows he is facing a prison sentence.

‘This should be less than that being moved for by the Crown.’

He added that his client had become stable and had accommodation after his release from prison in England in 2016, before being brought to Jersey to face the new charges.

He also said that previous convictions in England should not be taken into account in sentencing.

Delivering the court’s sentence, Commissioner Clyde-Smith described the acts as ‘degrading’ and praised the ‘courage of the victim’.

The Jurats in the case were Gareth Hughes, Steven Austin-Vautier, Pamela Pitman, Robert Christensen and Rozanne Thomas.

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