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THE devastated owners of a cat which suffered life-threatening injuries after being attacked by a ‘Staffy-type’ dog are appealing to the owner – who ‘just stood and watched’ – to own up and apologise.

Chloe Dennis with Cleo the cat

Chloe Denis said that her ten-year-old cat, Cleo, needed £1,500 worth of treatment.

‘We just want the owners to do the right thing and come forward, own up to it and apologise to us,’ said Miss Denis.

According to the 19-year-old, the States police are hoping to get CCTV footage of the attack, which happened late last month in Lemprière Street, St Helier, in an attempt to identify the dog’s owners.

Miss Denis said that her cat sustained a broken jaw, a lost tooth, puncture wounds and possible nerve damage in one of her paws.

‘Cleo was so bad when she was brought to the vet’s that we were told that she may not last the night and we were asked whether we wanted to have her put down,’ she said.

‘We said no because we all love her too much.’

According to witnesses, one of three ‘Staffy-type dogs’ which were being walked by a man and a woman attacked the cat at about 10pm on Friday 31 May. Miss Denis said: ‘People who witnessed the attack said that Cleo was walking by our house to jump onto my windowsill and wait for me to come home from work, which she does every night, when a man and a woman walked by with three “Staffy-type” dogs.

‘One of them tried to go for her but Cleo got away and ran further up the road. But when the man and the woman walked by Cleo again, one of the dogs got her in its mouth and, according to witnesses, the man, who had the attacking dog on a lead, just stood there and watched.


‘What I can’t believe is that the owner had full control of the dog and allowed it to happen. One witness, who was one of the first to try to step in, said that the woman who was with him told people nearby “Don’t touch my dog” while the attack was still happening.

‘Eventually someone had to step in and prise Cleo from out of the dog’s mouth. Thankfully, people knew it was our cat and brought her to our house so that our brother could bring her to the vet.

‘When my brother rang me I was in complete shock and he sounded as though he was on the verge of tears. Cleo is at home recovering with us, as she can’t be on her own and we hope she will make as full a recovery as possible.’

Krystle Higgins

By Krystle Higgins


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