Surprise string of donations to Durrell shop

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A CHARITY shop in Trinity seems to have struck a chord with the Island’s musicians after 18 guitars were donated to the store.

Durrell charity shop staff and shoppers Elaine Ellis, Dave Rotherham, Juliet Nicolle and Trish Tanguy with some of the guitars Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (20361467)

Durrell charity shop has now sold all but three of the instruments and made a total of £500 for Jersey Zoo.

Manager Jayne Smith said: ‘We had eighteen come in from all sorts of places over the last six weeks – five of those came from one person.

‘All but three have been sold so far. We have probably made about £500 for the charity – they have sold for around £40 to £75. We had one triangular-shaped one which everyone seemed to be fighting each other for.’

She added: ‘It is quite strange. We do not get any for quite a while, then when we get one guitar we seem to get a lot more a few days later. It is almost as if people see them for sale and think that they would be able to give theirs away too.’

Ms Smith said that guitars were not an uncommon item in the store’s stock list and that they had once been given an instrument worth about £700.

She said: ‘We have a gentleman come in to price them all up. He plugs them in and checks them. If anything needs doing he puts a tag on them with the details of that so the buyer knows what they are getting.’


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