New bid to axe Deputies

Deputy Andrew Lewis was today due to lodge a proposition revisiting the result of the 2013 referendum on States reform, which called for the introduction of large voting districts.

Currently, each parish votes for a Constable and a number of Deputies, with St Helier, St Saviour and St Brelade split into multiple districts. Eight Senators are elected on an Island-wide basis.

Deputy Lewis’s proposition would effectively instate the winning option B of the referendum, which would see the number of States Members reduced from 49 to 44.

Under the proposal, four districts – North, East, South and West would have five Members, while St Helier North and St Helier South would each have six.

Each parish would continue to have its own Constable and all other Members would be given the title of Senator.

Despite option B winning the referendum, the States went on to reject the move.

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