Group of drinkers ruining my life, says flat owner

Carol Fleet, who lives at Le Geyt Flats, says she has to put up with the issue day and night for the last two years and has now had enough.

The 53-year-old said that the smell of stale urine has got so bad that her 16-year-old granddaughter has been forced to sleep in the living room to escape the stench.

Mrs Fleet, who cannot work due to a long-running back problem, claims that gangs of up to 20 men gather outside her home every day, drink alcohol from nearby shops and then urinate in the road.

Andium Homes, the States-owned company who manage Le Geyt Flats, said that they installed CCTV in an effort to combat the problems, and the States police have deployed officers to the area on numerous occasions. Mrs Fleet said that she had contacted the States and honorary police, Constable Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard and Andium Homes to try to combat the issue.

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