‘Jealous’ husband found guilty of assaulting and biting his wife

The jury took over four hours to reach their decision and return guilty verdicts on two counts of grave and criminal assault.

He was found guilty by majority verdict of threatening the woman with a knife and throttling her, and unanimously guilty of biting her.

Jurors acquitted the 30-year-old defendant, who is from Madeira, of one count of sodomy.

He is now due to face sentencing before the Royal Court’s Superior Number, which convenes only for the most serious offences, on Friday 4 March.

Over the course of the the three-day trial Crown Advocate Conrad Yates, prosecuting, told jurors that they would hear evidence about a ‘controlling’ and ‘jealous’ man who did not allow his wife to socialise with friends.

The defendant, who wept in court as the verdicts were delivered, was remanded in custody.

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