Wendy the wonder swimmer makes history with successful sea crossing

Wendy Trehiou completed the 36-mile swim at about 10 am, having spent a little over 24 hours in the water.

The feat, which has been heralded as ‘one of the world’s best endurance swims’ by Jersey Amateur Swimming Association president Neil Faudemer, is the latest in a long line of records to be set by Ms Trehiou.

Wendy after completing her Channel swim this summer

In 2013, the HSBC worker became the first Channel Islander to swim across the Channel and back again – something achieved by fewer than 30 people worldwide.

And only two months ago Ms Trehiou, who is in her forties, swam the Channel again, reaching her goal in just over 14 hours.

Her records are all the more remarkable given that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2011, which she went on to make a full recovery from later that year.

Mr Faudemer, who was in constant contact with the seven-strong crew that accompanied Ms Trehiou on her journey from Parame beach on Sunday morning, said it was an ‘incredible’ swim.

‘Without a doubt this is one of the greatest long-distance swims in the history of long-distance swimming in the Island,’ he said. ‘It’s certainly up there with her Channel double and it’s all the more impressive because there were some very choppy seas that she had to content with.’

‘She is an amazing lady, who is incredibly determined and it’s another wonderful achievement for her,’ he added.

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