Superfan flies in to learn more about Henry’s home – see pictures from Cavill’s day at the rugby

  • Superman star Henry Cavill special guest at the Siam Cup
  • Superfan traveled from Los Angeles especially to see him at the event
  • The actor joined in Jersey’s match win celebrations
  • See more pictures below

ISLANDERS scrambled for a glimpse of the Man of Steel this weekend– but one fan went the extra mile and journeyed from Los Angeles to Jersey to talk to Henry Cavill as he supported Jersey RFC and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The Hollywood film star returned home to watch Jersey play Guernsey in the Siam Cup and promote the wildlife organisation, which he represents as an ambassador.

Henry described Amy Adams, who visited the Island for the 2013 Man of Steel premiere with him and Russell Crowe, as 'super talented'

  • Jersey or Guernsey to win the Siam Cup? – Jersey
  • The JEP or the Daily Planet – No comment
  • What’s your favourite part of the Island – St Brelade
  • Favourite meal? I like Indian food
  • Favourite actor or actress? There are so many out there, I probably can’t answer that. Of the ones I know maybe Amy Adams (who played Lois Lane in Man of Steel) who is super-talented. She’s a doll.

At the event he was met by Yvette Caballero, a Los Angeles journalist, who created and runs a Henry Cavill news website –

She said: ‘Henry is very proud of his roots and is always mentioning Jersey in interviews.

‘We run and focus on his projects and his charity work.

‘We went to Durrell yesterday and toured the park there so there’s going to be some coverage of that online.

‘We’re really proud of supporting him, he’s a really nice guy and is unique in Hollywood.’

Mr Cavill joined members of Jersey RFC for a match day lunch on Saturday, sponsored by fund administrators Ipes.

Money raised at the event, which included an auction, is due to be donated to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Speaking to the JEP after entering a packed function room, Mr Cavill said he was getting used to people staring and taking pictures.

‘This weekend I’m back for the rugby and for Durrell and, hopefully, to see my family,’ he said.

‘I barely get time to go to my home in London let alone return to my home here.

‘At the moment I’m producing my own film and doing other movies, so things are very busy.

Jersey celebrate their Siam Cup win with Henry Cavill, who even drank out of the cupHenry Cavill pictured at the Jersey Rugby Club

‘Working with Durrell is going really well.

‘It has been a learning curve for me and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about what they do.

‘I hope I can raise awareness about the organisation, so a do like this is perfect.’

Mr Cavill, who has a conservation website of his own,, added that the more people took an interest in his work the more that could be done for Durrell.

Ever since rising to stardom the former St Michael’s pupil has been an ambassador for the Island.

However, he remained cagey about whether there was a chance he would accept a leading role in the Battle of Flowers in the future as Mr Battle.

‘I just can’t commit to something like that,’ he said.

‘I don’t know when I’ll be working or doing prep for a film.

‘Unless I decided to take a year off I just can’t commit to anything like that – even then that wouldn’t be a year off.’

SUPERFANS: Jersey's Man of Steel joined young members of the Jersey Rugby Club Academy following the Island's victory over Guernsey in the Siam Cup this weekend. Picture: KENAN OSBORNEHenry Cavill in the title role of Superman

  • Henry was born in Jersey on 5 May 1983.
  • In December 2013 he was voted as the worlds’ sexiest man by Glamour magazine readers.
  • He was once dubbed the ‘unluckiest man in Hollywood’ by Empire magazine after missing our in several roles, including Batman and James Bond.
  • He is a member of the Jersey Rugby Club.
  • He played Superman in the 2013 movie Man of Steel and brought his Hollywood co-stars to Jersey for a star-studded premiere at Cineworld.
  • He is a global ambassador for Durrell.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the follow up to 2013’s Superman film Man of Steel, will be released in cinemas in 2016.

Henry Cavill joins in the Jersey celebrations at Saturday's Siam Cup

In August last year Jersey’s Man of Steel became a Durrell ambassador, in a bid to raise awareness of the wildlife park and the importance.

On a visit to the Island, he swapped his Superman cape for a Durrell t-shirt as he took a tour of the park.

Speaking to the JEP at the time, he said: ‘I’m here to raise awareness of the Durrell conservation effort worldwide. This is a place that is very close to my heart – I used to come here as a boy, and now that I can help to raise people’s awareness of Durrell, I thought I would make the effort.’

Reflecting on childhood visits to the attraction, he said: ‘I used to come here so often. I remember playing here with my brother. Being around the gorilla enclosure is a particular memory.

Lee Durrell, the park’s honorary director and wife of the late Gerald Durrell, said: ‘To use the words ”ambassador” and ”Henry Cavill” in one sentence is brilliant. I hope with his being spokesman it will bring the name of Durrell and our mission to the attention of people all round the world.’

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