Yo! Listen up, passengers – Condor Ferries launch new safety information rap video

  • Condor Liberation to feature safety information video in rap form.
  • Watch the video below.
  • The reaction: See what people are saying about the rap on Facebook and Twitter.

CONDOR Ferries has come up with a novel way of delivering its on-board safety message – by rapping it.

The operator recently launched its new ship – the Liberation – and a new mission statement, ‘good times’.

The silky smooth captain demonstrates his moves

And in order to live up to its promise, a new safety video has been produced to ensure that ‘every part of the customer’s journey is as fun as the rest of their holiday’.

The video, which shows actors portraying a captain and two members of staff rapping the on-board safety rules, was produced by Bournemouth-based production company Love Love Films.

In a statement, Condor said: ‘Instead of a sombre cabin crew pointing towards exit doors, Condor Ferries have created a rap video, featuring a silky smooth captain, a sassy stewardess and a street-wise steward.

‘As well as being fun and catchy, the rhymes also help passengers to remember the instructions, making it clearer, and more helpful than traditional safety announcements.’

Alicia Andrews, commercial executive director at Condor Ferries, said that the firm was proud of the new video.

‘It has been a very fun project to work on, and we’re delighted with the results,’ she said.

  • Condor Liberation is the company’s 16th passenger vessel since it was founded in 1964
  • It has a service speed of 35 knots (about 40 mph), which is faster than a great white shark, and its engines have the equivalent power of 50 formula one cars
  • There are 33 staff working on the ship on each sailing
  • On its maiden voyage from Cebu in the Philippines to Poole, Condor Liberation sailed more than 10,000 nautical miles across the Indian Ocean and along the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea over 22 days
  • Each year Condor Ferries carries more than one million passengers and 200,000 passenger vehicles

‘Our brief was simple, we wanted something a little bit different, something that our passengers would sit up and take notice of, and which would appeal to all members of the family.’

Condor said that although the film does include an ‘element of fun’, the priority was to ensure that the video conveyed the ‘vital’ safety messages and that they have been delighted with the initial response to the video, which has been well received among staff and the public.

After seeing the video at Condor Liberation’s naming ceremony, the Chief Minister of Guernsey published a tweet praising the rap and the audience broke into a round of applause.

‘Although we know it will not be to everyone’s taste, it will definitely get noticed and that is what matters when it comes to safety,’ said a Condor spokesman.

The video will be broadcast from today on all sailings between the Channel Islands and Poole.

The sassy stewardess demonstrates the life jacket

  • Raymond Campbell: ‘The best safety advice ever. Bravo.’
  • Maryjane Millen Swainston: ‘Very dated and cringey. Ridiculous dancing is a distraction from important safety information. Totally awful and embarrassing and makes me wonder who comes up with these ideas? Makes us Jersey folk look like idiots yet again.’
  • Andy Jones: ‘It is tongue in cheek, and gets the message across. Credit for them for being prepared to do it. How it reflects badly on Jersey people I fail to see.’
  • Richard Long: ‘Brilliant. Well done Condor.’
  • Janet Corbett: ‘Brilliant. All ferries note and follow suit.’
  • Simon Gascoyne: ‘Well…. It’s one way to get the passengers to completely ignore the safety announcement in lieu of their sanity.’
  • Paul J Bentley: ‘Embarrassing and cringe worthy.’
  • Gerard Farnham: ‘This is horrendous, who on earth thought this was appropriate?’
  • Peter Brazier: ‘Have I just woken up in 1983?’
  • Stephen Noel: ‘April Fool’s Day is next week.’
  • Amy Jackson: ‘Is this actually for real? I’m traveling next week and I will be blocking my ears to this!’
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