Manor is ‘too noisy’

A ROW has erupted after a nuisance order banning amplified music at night was imposed on St Ouen’s Manor.

The Health Protection department noise abatement notice was issued following complaints from a neighbour that, at times, he could not hear his television in his lounge. The Seigneur of St Ouen, Philip Malet de Carteret, is believed to be in the process of appealing against the decision and the issue could now end up before the Royal Court. He was unavailable for comment as he is out of the Island.

For many years, the manor has been a popular venue for weddings and other functions which are held in a marquee in the walled gardens. Chief Minister Frank Walker described the action of Health Protection as ‘heavy handedness’.

Senator Walker said that as far as he understood, the marquee had been in the same place for about 20 years and events had been held there well before the property owner moved into his home. Even Health Minister Ben Shenton, who signed the abatement order, is unhappy with the current law that limits any appeal to being heard by the Royal Court. He believes that the current law should be amended so that the opportunity to appeal to the minister is available.

Pictured: St Ouen’s Manor

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