JFA chief executive is to leave post

JFA chief executive is to leave post

Nicky Martini, chief executive/county secretary for the Jersey Football Association, says she has loved the job and loved the people with whom she has come into contact.

But the workload has increased as new ideas and projects have been put forward and it has meant many hours outside nine to five.

‘I’ve loved my role and I am really sad to be leaving,’ she said.

‘I have loved working with people who have an extraordinary enthusiasm, for the game.

It’s been a privilege and an honour to work with them, but for a single person in this role, a lot of time is required.

The ideas are fantastic – to take local football forward in the future, but many of the resources available are volunteers and people have a limited time.’ Overtime She said that even with a part-time assistant, the job entailed a lot of overtime and while that was not anyone’s fault, she felt it best to move on now before the start of the new season.

She is investigating a number of options for the future, having a background in the media, having worked for both Channel Television and Granda Television, mostly as a production assistant.

She did not have a lot of knowledge of football when she was appointed in May last year.

‘I certainly know a lot more about football governance now,’ she said.

‘It’s an interesting area.

I’ve learnt a lot and the council and the people at the FA have been extremely supportive and given me help and advice whenever they can.’ And, as for being a woman in what is still a predominantly male domain, she said: ‘It’s interesting – I am petite and being a woman in football, there were those who thought “there is no way that she will do the job”, but I hope that I have changed their opinions.’ JFA president Ricky Weir paid tribute to the contribution she had made, saying: ‘Nicky has played a pivotal role during arguably one of the most dynamic and revolutionary periods in the association’s history.

Her role was fundamental in ensuring a smooth transition between the previous executive and the newly elected executive.

‘We are immensely grateful for that contribution and both personally and on behalf of my executive and the association, I take this opportunity to wish Nicky well in all her future endeavours.’

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