SW 3 registration due to go up for auction

The private registration ‘SW 3’ is due to go up for auction and could become one of the most expensive plates sold via online auction.

The plate could reflect on someone with the initials of S and W. (Credit: Collecting Cars Auctions)

It is expected that potential bidders will be located in and around the London area, but also the plate could attract those with the initials ‘S’ and ‘W’.

The reg plate can be transferred to any vehicle in the UK – as it is dateless.

It’s anticipated that it could be in the top five for most expensive plates ever sold with Collecting Cars, the online auction site which is listing the plate.

The top five consist of ‘6 OO’ that sold for £130,000, ‘1 GO’ for £138,000, ‘TOY 5’ FOR £150,000, ‘1 SJ’ for £162,500 and the most expensive yet is ‘Y 6’ £213,000.

Since its launch, the online auction house has sold nearly 60 registrations that have exceeded the value of £50,000 – with a total of 2,300 private plates in general totalling a value of more than £17.6 million.

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