Driving licence required for more than one in six jobs – study

More than a sixth of jobs advertised in the UK require applicants to be able to drive, according to new analysis.

The RAC Foundation said its research highlights how a driving licence can be “a crucial qualification”.

Nearly 190,000 of the 1.1 million vacancies posted by job website Adzuna in October last year were found to require those applying to have a driving licence.

Among the roles for which more than a third of adverts required employees to drive were plumbers (67%), estate agents (59%) and care workers (34%).

The cost of learning to drive has been estimated at nearly £2,200 not including purchasing and running a vehicle.

The analysis found that the proportion of advertised jobs that require applicants being able to drive rose from 15.2% in 2016 to 17.4% last year.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “Our research shows that a driving licence can be a crucial qualification.

“Little wonder official figures show that about 45% of all driving tests conducted during 2022/23 involved candidates aged 20 or younger.

“Many job ads which list a driving requirement are in relatively poorly-paid sectors, such as the caring profession.

“This is something the Chancellor should have in mind when making decisions that influence the cost of motoring and impact on those who are already struggling to pay for transport they can’t do without.”

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