Hyundai pledges £1m for school trip initiative

Hyundai has launched a new initiative which aims to provide 25,000 school children with free school trips during 2023.

The ‘Great British School Trip’ programme will offer bursaries to help schools that are most in need fund school trips for children aged seven to 14, with costs such as booking fees and travel expenses taken care of.

Hyundai will be investing £1 million in the programme, which has already gained support from over 350 venues which have signed up as trip locations. These include locations such as Peak Activity Centres, The YHA and The V&A, among others.

“Getting out of the classroom not only creates memories but fundamentally also brings a sense of excitement to a particular school subject. Also, school trips are often the first opportunity for a child to gain a sense of independence so it’s no surprise that many people remember the small things like reserving the back of the bus and spending time with friends in a new environment.

Bookings for The Great British School Trip are now open and teachers are able to select a school trip location today.

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