Tractor protest against EU agricultural policies held by Czech farmers

Czech farmers were driving their tractors and other vehicles to several border crossings on Thursday to meet colleagues from neighbouring countries and join forces in their protests against European Union (EU) agriculture policies.

Farmers complain that the 27-nation EU’s environmental policies, such as the Green Deal, which calls for limits on the use of chemicals and on greenhouse gas emissions, limit their business and make their products more expensive than non-EU imports.

The farmers also complain about low prices for their products and say grain and other agriculture products coming from Ukraine and Latin America negatively affect the market.

The farmers met colleagues from Germany, Poland and Slovakia at a number of border crossings.

Farmers at the protest
The farmers have complained about low prices for their products (Vaclav Salek/CTK via AP/PA)

The farmers invited Czech agriculture minister Marek Vyborny, his Slovak counterpart Richard Takac and representatives of farmers from Poland and Hungary to rally at a Czech-Slovak border crossing known as Hodonin-Holic, which was blocked by hundreds of tractors.

“We don’t protest against the EU, we protest against the wrong decisions by the European Commission,” said Andrej Gajdos, from the Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food.

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