Notre Dame cathedral’s spire revealed as reconstruction continues after fire

Scaffolding that has shrouded the top of Notre Dame cathedral since a devastating fire in April 2019 has been removed, marking a milestone in the landmark’s reconstruction.

It revealed the Paris cathedral’s new spire, adorned with a golden rooster and cross, in a rare glimpse into its expected appearance upon completion.

There has been anticipation among Paris residents as Notre Dame is on track to reopen on December 8 this year.

France Notre Dame
Much of the cathedral, which is on track to open in December this year, remains surrounded by scaffolding (Aurelien Morissard/AP)

Much of the cathedral remains surrounded by scaffolding, which could take weeks if not months to remove.

In a symbol of resilience and renewal, a new golden rooster, reimagined as a phoenix with flaming feathers, was installed atop the spire in December 2023, marking the cathedral’s rise from the ashes.

Other restoration efforts include the implementation of an anti-fire misting system beneath the cathedral’s roof as well as a recreation of the original cross.

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