George Santos faces new charges that he stole donor IDs

A new indictment unsealed on Tuesday charged US Rep George Santos with stealing the identities of donors to his campaign and then using their credit cards to ring up tens of thousands of dollars in unauthorised charges.

Prosecutors said some of that stolen money ended up in his own bank account.

The 23-count indictment replaces one filed earlier against the New York Republican charging him with embezzling money from his campaign and lying to Congress about his wealth, among other offences.

The new charges include allegations that he charged more than 44,000 dollars (£36,000) to his campaign over a period of months using cards belonging to contributors without their knowledge.

In one case, he charged 12,000 dollars (£9,792) to a contributor’s credit card and transferred the “vast majority” of that money into his personal bank account, prosecutors said.

Mr Santos did not immediately return requests for comment.

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