Newly-engaged couple reunited with lost ring by ‘brilliant’ diver

A volunteer diver has described the “amazing” moment he retrieved the ring of a newly-engaged couple after they lost it in a lake.

Angus Hosking, a free-diver with Lake District Divers, found the ring Viki Patel had given to his fiancee Rebecca Chaukria just two days earlier.

The couple, from London, were on holiday near Ecclerigg by Lake Windermere in Cumbria, where Mr Patel finally got down on one knee after his proposal plans were delayed by almost two years due to the pandemic cancelling five holidays.

But the ring slipped off Ms Chaukria’s finger while they were on a jetty on Monday, and they ran to a nearby water sports shop where they were advised that Mr Hosking, 21, could help.

Mr Hosking, a water sports instructor, said when he first dove into the water at 5.30pm, he was unsure whether he would find the ring.

“But it did only take 20 minutes in the end.

“Considering we’ve found wedding rings in the past after four hours, it was speedy.”

He described the diamond ring, which had been personally made for Ms Chaukria, as “absolutely stunning”.

He added: “When I uncovered it, Vik started videoing straight away and was saying ‘thank you’ over and over and over again – he was so pleased.

“When we gave it to her at the hotel later, Rebecca was in complete and utter shock that I found it.

“She didn’t say a lot because she didn’t even know what to say.”

Rebecca Chaukria's wedding ring after diver Angus Hosking retrieved it from Lake Windermere (Angus Hosking/PA).
Rebecca Chaukria’s wedding ring after diver Angus Hosking retrieved it from Lake Windermere (Angus Hosking/PA)

“They’re in their time of need and all you want to do is help.”

In the videos filmed by Mr Patel, he gasps as the diamond ring is uncovered and thanks Mr Hosking for saving it, telling him: “I wish I could hug you.”

Mr Patel also told the BBC he “lost all hope” when the ring first fell into the lake because the water was so murky, and described Mr Hosking as a “brilliant, brilliant man” for recovering it.

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