Nigel Farage takes Commons seat after his eighth election bid

Nigel Farage has formally taken his seat in the House of Commons after his eighth election run.

The Reform UK leader opted to swear in holding the King James Bible, ahead of the King’s Speech next Wednesday, after he secured a place in the chamber representing the Essex seaside constituency of Clacton.

Mr Farage gave his name as “Nigel Paul Farage”.

He said: “I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty The King Charles, his heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.”

Mr Farage first contested a parliamentary election 30 years ago – the 1994 by-election in Eastleigh, Hampshire, where his UK Independence Party (UKIP) came fourth to the Liberal Democrats.

Nigel Farage speaks into a microphone on a grey day with a large Ferris wheel behind him
Reform UK leader Nigel Farage in his Clacton, Essex constituency (Ian West/PA)

Ms Braverman, who won the Fareham and Waterlooville seat in Hampshire, made an affirmation holding the Dhammapada, a Buddhist text.

She has been at the National Conservatism conference in Washington DC earlier this week and appeared at a Popular Conservatism – PopCon – summit in central London via video, where she told activists: “Left wing voters have had a choice of party to go for and we by contrast have had the luxury of a monopoly, but no longer, and that is why the Reform party presents an existential threat to us electorally.”

Suella Braverman on a big screen as people sitting on pews watch her
Former home secretary Suella Braverman speaks to PopCon activists via video (Maja Smiejkowska/PA)

Mr Tugendhat, who represents Tonbridge in Kent, and Nick Timothy, former Number 10 chief of staff to Theresa May and now MP for West Suffolk, swore in on a Jerusalem Bible, while Ms Gould, of Queen’s Park and Maida Vale in London, swore in on the Torah.

Independent MPs Iqbal Mohamed, representing Dewsbury and Batley in Yorkshire, and Shockat Adam, of Leicester South, also took their places in the Commons after swearing in.

Mr Mohamed wore a Palestine flag pin badge as he made his affirmation.

Mr Adam chatted with the Speaker after his swearing in, who waved to Mr Adam’s family as they watched on from the gallery.

Labour MP Torcuil Crichton has taken his place in the Commons for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, choosing to swear on a Gaelic Bible in Gaelic first, while his party’s MP for Clwyd East Becky Gittins who followed swore in on the King James Bible in Welsh.

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