Border Force officer jailed for selling illegal drugs, NCA says

A Border Force officer who was caught selling MDMA has been jailed, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said.

Gareth Glynn Davies, from Ashford, Kent, was a field intelligence officer for Border Force in Folkestone when he was meeting contacts to arrange selling class A drugs, the NCA said.

The 44-year-old was put under surveillance in late 2019 after information was passed to the NCA that he may be involved in supplying drugs, it said.

The meet prompted his arrest, and weapons such as a machete, Rambo knife and knuckle-dusters were found by officers at his home and in his car which he should have returned when he left the Prison Service, the NCA added.

Davies was dismissed from his Border Force job once he was charged with offering to supply a controlled drug and supplying a controlled drug, it said.

He pleaded guilty to the counts on April 15 2024.

Davies was sentenced to five years and 11 months’ imprisonment at Maidstone Crown Court on Thursday.

Dave Rock, from the NCA’s Anti-Corruption Unit, said: “Davies thought he was beyond the reach of the law, willingly disclosing information that revealed his criminality.

“The class A drugs trade has a devastating impact on communities across the country, and Davies’ conviction today is a reminder to anyone involved that all those who play a part in it, however large or small, will face justice.”

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