Convoy of scrapped Ulez vehicles arrives in Ukraine

A convoy of 20 vehicles donated to Ukraine through London’s ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) scrappage scheme arrived in the war-torn country over the weekend, a charity said.

British-Ukrainian Aid (BUAID) said the vehicles will be used for humanitarian and medical purposes during Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

More than 100 vehicles have been donated to Ukraine through the Ulez programme since this was permitted from March 15, with around half being taken to the eastern European country.

BUAID said a further 13 vehicles are en route to Ukraine.

Vehicles donated to Ukraine
There have been more than 100 vehicles donated to Ukraine (Nick Turpin/TFL/PA)

People who drive in the zone in a vehicle that does not meet minimum emissions standards are required to pay a £12.50 daily fee.

A £160 million scheme run by TfL enables residents, small businesses, sole traders and charities scrapping non-compliant cars to claim grants.

For a scrapped vehicle to be sent to Ukraine through the programme, it must serve a function such as assisting with medical aid or evacuating people from dangerous areas.

A BUAID spokesperson said: “We remain enormously grateful for the support given to us by the Mayors of London and Kyiv, and by our many partners, supporters and donors.

Vehicles donated to Ukraine
The donated vehicles will be used for humanitarian and medical purposes (Nick Turpin/TFL/PA)

“It is great to see people showing the Dunkirk spirit that Churchill talked about in World War Two, making transport available to those under threat from a ruthless enemy.”

TfL’s head of transport strategy and planning Lucy Hayward-Speight said: “The scrappage scheme has provided support for people to make the green transition alongside the London-wide Ulez being introduced.

“As well as helping to clean up the capital’s toxic air, Londoners are also demonstrating their concern for others by choosing to provide vital aid for those in the most unimaginable circumstances in Ukraine.

“We would encourage anyone eligible to donate their vehicle if they can.”

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