Footage released of moment mother hurled through air from fairground ride

Footage has been released of the moment a mother was hurled through the air from a fairground ride.

Khadra Ali spent weeks in a coma and four months in hospital after she was ejected from the Xcelerator ride at the Funderpark funfair in Yiewsley, west London, on April 10 2018, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said.

She was riding with her daughter and had not been properly restrained in her seat when she was thrown from the ride and suffered multiple fractures to her back, hips, pelvis, ribs, both collarbones as well as internal bleeding and a significant head injury, the HSE reported.

The HSE has released footage of Mrs Ali flying through the air while the fairground ride continued to rotate.

Mrs Ali could no longer do chores or activities with her children, it was reported.

The HSE investigation found the ride’s seat restraint system was designed with electrical and mechanical failings by the manufacturer, Perrin Stevens Limited, the HSE said.

Derek Hackett, the ride owner trading as Hackett Fairs, failed to properly maintain the ride, this was in part due to Perrin Stevens’ operator manual lacking information on inspection and maintenance of the seat restraint system, the HSE added.

The investigation also found that on the day of the incident, Hackett’s ride operator had no attendant assisting them despite the operations manual requiring a minimum of two people to operate and monitor the ride.

The operator did not check each rider’s restraint bar as they should have before starting the ride, and did not notice that Mrs Ali required assistance and stopped the ride.

The Xcelerator ride
The HSE investigation found the Xcelerator’s seat restraint system was designed with electrical and mechanical failings by the manufacturer (Health and Safety Executive/PA)

David Geary, director at DMG Technical Ltd, completed the annual inspection in 2017 and did not identify any failed switches or maintenance concerns.

Geary completed initial tests and signed the ride off for use in 2013.

He also completed the required design review of the ride but failed to identify the electrical and mechanical design failings. The ride had been in use for a number of months before the design review was signed off by Geary.

Stevens, of Oakley Green Road, Windsor, Berkshire; Hackett, of School Street, Radcliffe, Manchester; Geary, of Wenlock Road, Hackney, London; and DMG Technical Ltd, of Wenlock Road, Hackney, London, admitted health and safety offences at Westminster Magistrates’ Court earlier this month.

DMG Technical Ltd was fined £51,000 and ordered to pay £30,000 in costs.

HSE inspector Helen Donnelly said: “Mrs Ali was simply enjoying a day out with her children in what she expected to be a safe environment. As a result, she continues to suffer pain and significant impact to her everyday life.

“Good health and safety management often requires multiple precautions being put in place, and often by different parties.

“This incident shows that there are serious consequences when we do not fulfil our health and safety duties and become reliant on the actions of others to ensure the safety of workers and the public. Good health and safety is a collective effort and we must all take responsibility for the role we have in keeping people safe.

A statement from Mrs Ali’s representative said: “The family of Khadra Ali is deeply relieved that the criminal prosecution has concluded following the tragic incident at the Funderpark funfair. They are grateful to everyone who has supported them throughout this challenging process.

“While no outcome can undo the impact of the life-changing injuries on Khadra’s health and well-being, they hope this marks the beginning of their journey to rebuild their lives and provide her with the support she needs moving forward.

“The family remain committed to providing Khadra with the best quality of life possible.

“They respectfully request privacy as they continue to focus on caring for Khadra and facing the challenges ahead.”

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