What the papers say – May 13

Previews of a speech by Rishi Sunak feature heavily on the front pages of Monday’s newspapers.

The Daily Telegraph says the Prime Minister will “kickstart his general election campaign” by setting out his vision for the next five years, which he describes as the “most dangerous and yet most transformational” time in the country’s history.

His warning of a “dangerous era” which will see changes in “almost every aspect” of our lives also features on the front of the Daily Mail, while the Daily Express says Mr Sunak will outline “stark choices” facing the country.

The Daily Mirror also focuses on Mr Sunak, telling him to get his own house in order. It says four Conservative MPs face questions over tax on house sales after pressure on deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner.

Labour is on the front of The Guardian, with Trades Union Congress president Matt Wrack criticising the party’s decision to welcome former Tory MP Natalie Elphicke.

The Metro turns its attention to former blood plasma patients who it says were “treated like lab chimps.”

Health is also the topic of The Times, which says the UK’s obesity crisis is fuelling a sicknote culture.

The i says millions of people are facing repayments into retirements due to 40-year mortgages.

At the same time, The Independent calls for a review of Imprisonment for Public Protection orders as it focuses on the case of a father jailed for 12 years for stealing a mobile phone.

China has started a sale of long-dated bonds in a bid to stimulate the economy, according to the Financial Times.

And the Daily Star looks forward to a week of sunshine.

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