Primary school pupils witness dramatic moment grass snake catches frog

Pupils had a surprise during a pond-dipping trip when they spotted a grass snake capturing a frog.

Children from The Epiphany School, Bournemouth, during the pond-dipping trip (Kate Fry/PA)

Ms Fry described the group’s surprise at seeing the grass snake in action before the frog was able to free itself and escape.

She told the PA news agency: “We were lucky to see a grass snake capturing a frog.

“After several minutes the lucky frog managed to escape.

Snake and frog
After several minutes, the frog managed to escape the jaws of the grass snake (Kate Fry/PA)

Headteacher Vanessa Webster said: “Kingfisher Barn is a lovely local resource on our doorstep which we fully take advantage of as it’s less than a five-minute walk.

“The year five children were studying rivers and their local habitats. William was particularly thrilled by his pond dipping find – a ghost phantom midge.”

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