What the papers say – May 11

The state of the nation’s economy features among a variety of stories on the front pages of Britain’s newspapers on Saturday.

The Daily Express relays words from the “upbeat” Chancellor Jeremy Hunt who says Britons will soon “feel the difference in their pockets” as the UK economy grows.

Britain’s economy has grown faster than the United States and the “Eurozone” in the first quarter, according to the Financial Times.

A two pence Tory tax cut leads the i, with Treasury officials working on plans for an autumn statement in September to offer tax cuts before the general election.

While the Daily Mail also leads with a positive angle on the economy, declaring it has gone “gangbusters”.

The Guardian says Israel has been left isolated as the UN backs a Palestine membership bid.

The Daily Mirror runs with a story on a woman who claims she was subjected to a “five-year ordeal” by a stalker who has been portrayed as a character on Netflix show Baby Reindeer.

The Daily Telegraph says Britain is “not yet in love with” Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour party.

The Independent leads with a story on the investigation into 30 drugs, including Prozac, over links to suicide and self-harm.

The Times features a story on a large fall in the number of students joining private schools.

And the Daily Star says a large solar flare could interfere with the internet.

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