Football coach found not guilty of using mobile phone while driving

A football coach accused of using a mobile phone while driving has been cleared of the allegation in court.

Kevin Bond, 66, who announced his departure from Bristol Rovers this week, was acquitted of not being in proper control while driving a grey Land Rover in Southampton on December 20 2022.

During a short trial at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on Friday, the court heard that a police staff investigator had seen the driver looking down and having a dark item in their left hand while he was trying to cross the road.

He told the magistrates: “I do an awful lot of driving in my car, I never hold my phone in my hand in my car.

“I have car play in my car, I have a cradle which my phone sits in.

“I only know I wasn’t holding a mobile phone, I was in control of the car, if I did look down it would be a moment, but that would have been it.”

Mr Bond, of Chilworth, Southampton, also told the court the vehicle was shared with other people and he could not recall where he was that day but that he accepted responsibility that he was the driver.

The magistrates told the football boss he was free to go, adding: “Because of the evidence and credible evidence you have [given], we find you not guilty.”

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