What the papers say – April 15

Iran’s aerial attack on Israel dominates the front pages of Monday’s newspapers.

Metro concentrates on the attack and the part of British pilots in shooting down drones, while The Sun declares “RAF top guns foil Iran blitz”.

The reaction of G7 nations occupies the front of the i, which says they warned Iran it has risked an “uncontrollable” conflict.

The Daily Mirror has a simpler message from the G7 – “Step back from the brink”.

Western nations are urging restraint as Israel plans a revenge attack on Iran, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Financial Times says Israel is weighing up its options, while The Guardian says the US has warned it will not take part in any counter-offensive.

Both the Daily Express and The Independent say the world is holding its breath ahead of a response.

The Times says the world has called for calm as Israel vows revenge.

The words of Israeli President Isaac Herzog features on the front of the Daily Mail as he says: “It’s time the world faces evil empire in Tehran.”

The Daily Star does feature the attack on the front, but leads on a vow from a tycoon planning a new Titanic to include more lifeboats.

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