UK airdrops food aid into Gaza for second time

The UK has airdropped food supplies into Gaza for the second time.

The Royal Air Force parachuted more than 10 tonnes of aid, including rice, flour, oil, baby food, tinned goods and water to Gaza civilians on Good Friday.

An RAF A400M aircraft flew from Amman to drop the supplies along the war-torn territory’s coastline as part of a Jordanian-led international aid mission.

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said: “The UK is doing all it can to get as much food into Gaza as possible. Today’s airdrop will provide over 10 tonnes of food supplies to civilians in need.

“We will continue to pursue every opportunity to deliver aid by air, sea and land into Gaza.”

The RAF also airdropped ten tonnes of food supplies into the region on Monday.

Amid warnings of an imminent famine in the war-torn Gaza Strip, the airdrops followed recent land deliveries of 2,000 tonnes of UK food aid to feed more than 275,000 people in the territory.

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