Abuse is unacceptable and has got worse in recent months, says Douglas Ross

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has spoken out about the “unacceptable” abuse he and his family face – revealing that the problem has become “significantly worse” in recent weeks.

The Tory said while he had gone into politics to try to help people in his local area, he did not believe his wife and children should “be worried about their own safety because of the job I do”.

He told The Scotsman newspaper that he and his wife Krystle had “had to make our house a lot more secure”.

And speaking about the issue on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme, he said: “I do face a lot of abuse.

“But myself, my staff and my family do face unacceptable levels of abuse, threats and intimidation.”

Mr Ross, who currently serves as both the MP for Moray and an MSP for the Highlands and Islands region, said he had gone into politics to represent people across the area.

“I don’t think my wife and my children should be worried about their own safety because of the job I do,” he said.

“But, sadly, my case is not unique, it is something that affects politicians from all parties in every part of the country and it has got significantly worse in recent weeks and months.”

Douglas Ross said in ‘many seats’ in Scotland the election will be a straight fight between his party and Humza Yousaf’s SNP (Jeff J Mitchell/PA)

But Mr Ross insisted he was “not picking that up on the doorsteps”, insisting that in many seats in Scotland the election will be a “straight fight” between his party and Humza Yousaf’s SNP.

Speaking as the Scottish Conservative conference got underway in Aberdeen, Mr Ross argued that voters “want to send a message to Humza Yousaf and his failing Nationalist Government that they are not focused on the right priorities”.

While Mr Yousaf has already pledged to put independence on “page one, line one” of his party’s election manifesto, Mr Ross claimed that the Scottish Conservatives have “bold positive policies to focus on the real priorities the people have, improving our NHS, increasing our educational standards, investing in vital infrastructure”.

He said: “These are all policies we are taking forward, we are speaking to people on the doorstep and I am very optimistic about a good general election for the Scottish Conservatives later on this year.”

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