Those who make threats are not beyond the reach of the law – Donaldson

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said people who made threats against him now know “they are not beyond the reach of the law” as a police investigation into the matter ends.

An investigation into the alleged threats against Sir Jeffrey has detected no criminal offences, the PSNI has said.

In a statement, Sir Jeffrey said that a decision was made not to press charges.

Prime Minister’s Questions
DUP leader Sir Jeffery Donaldson first revealed the threats against him in a Commons speech last month (House of Commons/UK Parliament/PA)

The DUP later confirmed the matter had been reported to the police.

A PSNI spokesperson told the PA news agency: “Inquiries were made, no offences were detected and the investigation has now concluded.”

Last month a DUP spokesperson said the party trusted that those responsible for the threats “will be held accountable for their actions”.

In a statement on Thursday, Sir Jeffrey said: “I thank the police for their investigative efforts.

“Those who made the threats now know they are not beyond the reach of the law.

“They cannot threaten people in public life and stay anonymous from the police.

“I want to see more people in public life where issues are debated and discussed through democratic politics alone.

“We must stand against those who would seek to bully with violent threats.

“I wasn’t intimidated out of politics 30 years ago and I won’t be intimidated in 2024.”

A DUP spokesperson said the decision not to press charges was made by the party leader.

Sir Jeffrey first revealed the threats during an impassioned Westminster speech shortly before his party ended its two-year boycott of the Stormont powersharing institutions.

He told the Commons: “And yet today, because of the stirring up that is going on, I was threatened, threatened, by those who never put on a uniform, by those who haven’t served our country.”

He added: “They are threatening people like me, who’s working day and night to try and find solutions and to move Northern Ireland forward on a basis that the vast majority of people can support.

“Well, I would just say this to those who stir up, and those who threaten: the provisional IRA attacked me in the past and it didn’t deflect me from the task that I have, and my colleagues have, to do our job and to get the best that we can for Northern Ireland.”

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