What the papers say – February 21

The continued attack on Gaza leads Wednesday’s papers, with the Prince of Wales leading calls to end the war.

William issued a public call to “end to the fighting as soon as possible”, with the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Independent and The Times leading with his strongly-worded comments on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The Guardian also splashes with Gaza, opting to run with Sir Keir Starmer’s attempt to head off a party rebellion on the issue despite finally calling for an immediate ceasefire in the region.

The Daily Express runs with a piece on the Prime Minister’s Rwanda plan, with Rishi Sunak saying: “If you come here illegally, you just can’t stay.”

The Sun runs with a story on the nuclear missile misfire by a Trident submarine with the Defence Secretary on board.

The Daily Mirror leads with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s British “hit list”.

Financial Times reports on Barclays and its plans to go on a major cost-cutting drive.

The Metro reports on the Post Office scandal, with a piece that alleges Lord David Cameron’s government was aware of measures that may have helped the falsely accused back in 2016.

And lastly, the Daily Star splashes with a piece on a rather hungry black hole that is busy out there gobbling up things in space.

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