Chaotic scenes in House of Commons as Speaker embroiled in Gaza vote row

The House of Commons descended into chaos as the Government and SNP condemned Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle for his handling of the Gaza ceasefire debate.

SNP MPs and some Conservatives walked out of the chamber in an apparent protest at the state of affairs as the debate reached its conclusion.

Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt claimed Sir Lindsay had “hijacked” the debate and “undermined the confidence” of the House in its longstanding rules by selecting Labour’s bid to amend the SNP motion calling for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza and Israel.

Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt
Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt (Peter Byrne/PA)

But instead, he decided that the Commons would first vote on Labour’s calls for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” before moving on to further votes on the SNP’s original motion, and then the Government’s proposals if either of the first two were to fail to garner enough support.

Conservative MP William Wragg, who called for Sir Lindsay to resign, later tried to make the House of Commons sit in private.

SNP MPs were understood to have headed to the voting lobby after the walkout from the chamber.

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