Cameron hails ‘partnership of values’ with Paraguay

Lord David Cameron said there was a “partnership of values” between the UK and Paraguay as he became the first foreign secretary to visit the South American nation.

He praised the country’s support for Ukraine as an example of how the UK and Paraguay could work together.

Paraguay’s president Santiago Pena has given his support to Ukraine in a previous meeting with Kyiv’s leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

“That’s just one example of where we share values then we can work together.”

He apologised for the delay in a foreign secretary visiting a country with which the UK has had diplomatic ties since 1853.

“I’m sorry it’s taken so long,” he said during his visit to the presidential palace in Asuncion.

His Paraguayan counterpart said the pair and president Pena had discussed the “global context” including the situations in Ukraine and Gaza

The talks also covered green energy and trade.

Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron walks around Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands
Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron walks around Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Russia’s actions in Ukraine will also be the subject of a United Nations session in New York later in the week.

The visit to Asuncion is the latest leg of the Foreign Secretary’s tour of the Americas, which began in the Falkland Islands and will continue on to Brazil and the United States.

On Tuesday morning, Lord Cameron began his day with a swim in the cold South Atlantic before seeing some of the Falkland Islands’ penguins.

He chatted to children involved in a local conservation group, who persuaded him to try a piece of edible grass growing along the coast.

“It tastes like celery,” the Foreign Secretary said before offering the stem to the youngsters to try – they all declined.

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