Anas Sarwar reveals toll Islamophobia has taken on his family

Anas Sarwar has revealed his wife has cried herself to sleep over racism the family has faced by being in the public eye.

The Scottish Labour leader told a conference fringe event he will feel like he has failed as a politician if future generations do not notice an improvement in racial inequality.

In his conference speech on Friday, Mr Sarwar spoke about tackling discrimination against all races and religions groups.

Mr Sarwar previously addressed the Islamophobia his father Mohammed received as Britain’s first Muslim MP.

Jimmy Reid funeral
Former MP Mohammed Sarwar was the UK’s first Muslim MP (Jamie Simpson/PA)

His mother Perveen, he said, used to cry herself to sleep at the prejudice facing the family.

Now, during an in conversation event with Holyrood Magazine, he revealed his own wife Furheen had sleepless nights over the abuse.

Asked whether his wife had been through a similar experience, he said: “I know she does, or I know she has.”

But he shared hopes that when his eldest son Adam, now 15, had his own children he would notice a change.

“I think it’s felt in the last 10 years that that’s gone in reverse and therefore I do think its worth it because one of the things I can’t escape from – and it’s probably a political value that’s been instilled from me by my mum – is that I will honestly, when Adam’s son, I hope one day is the same age as he is now and (Adam) is the same age as me, if those kids – my one-day grandkids – think that the world has been less equal and less fairer when they’re his age I will feel as if I, and us and his generation, has absolutely failed them.

“I don’t want that to happen.”

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