Starmer paid more than £99,000 in tax, latest return shows

Sir Keir Starmer paid £99,431 in tax last year, according to a summary released by Labour, after making £275,000 in capital gains.

The release, published on Friday, showed that the Labour leader paid £44,308 in income tax in 2022/23.

He also paid £52,688 in capital gains tax, after the sale of a field in December 2022 partly owned by himself and partly owned by his father’s estate.

It was previously reported that the Labour leader had sold a plot of land he had bought in the 1990s for his parents, who used it to care for neglected donkeys.

Reports at the time put the sale at £400,000. According to the latest tax summary, Sir Keir gained £275,739 from the land sale.

Rishi Sunak published a summary of his own tax affairs earlier this month, showing that he paid more than £500,000 in UK tax last year, with his total income rising to £2.2 million.

The Prime Minister’s earnings far exceed those by Sir Keir, with Mr Sunak making nearly £1.8 million through capital gains – up from £1.6 million in 2021/22 – as well as £293,407 in other interest and dividends.

Similarly to Mr Sunak, Sir Keir published “a summary” of his UK taxable income, capital gains and tax paid over the last tax year as reported to HM Revenue & Customs, prepared by his chartered accountants.

The one-page document showed that he earned £79,098 as an MP, with an added salary of £49,193 for his role as leader of the opposition.

It brought his income to more than £128,000.

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