Cameron laughs offs ‘anatomical’ jibe after Trump ally’s ‘kiss my ass’ reply

Lord Cameron laughed off a rebuke from a high-profile Republican following his call for US legislators to pass a bill providing support for Ukraine.

Right-winger Marjorie Taylor Greene told Lord Cameron to “kiss my ass” following his intervention, amid concern in the UK and Europe about wavering support in Washington for the war against Vladimir Putin.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, the Foreign Secretary laughed off her remarks.

Mayorkas Impeachment
Marjorie Taylor Greene (J Scott Applewhite/AP)

“I went to the Republican study group lunch, talking about exactly this issue. We didn’t get anatomical at that stage, it was very early in our relationship,” he joked.

But he said he would continue to make the plea for the multibillion-dollar foreign aid package making its way through Congress.

The bill has passed through the Senate but faces a deeply uncertain future in the House of Representatives, where hardline Republicans aligned with presidential front-runner Donald Trump oppose the legislation.

Lord Cameron said: “I am very understanding of other countries’ politics and when I say to American Congressmen and women, please vote for this bill, please release this money for Ukraine, I do it hugely respecting the pressures they are under politically.

“It’s not lecturing, it’s not hectoring, it’s because not only do I love my own country, I love the United States.

“I think this is so important for America, not just for Europeans

“I said it as someone who loves America, who wants America to be strong and powerful and the essential nation as our partner in the world, and if I didn’t quite get that across to Marjorie Taylor Greene I’m not going to give up because I think it’s really important.”

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