London Zoo ‘over the moon’ to welcome second critically endangered baby gorilla

Staff at London Zoo have said they are “over the moon” to have welcomed a second critically endangered baby gorilla in less than a month.

The western lowland gorilla baby, whose sex has not been confirmed, was born at 7.44pm on February 8 to mother Effie and was delivered in the gym area of Gorilla Kingdom.

Three and a half weeks beforehand, another infant was born to a gorilla called Mjukuu.

Gorilla with baby
Effie had a complicated time giving birth (London Zoo/PA)

London Zoo’s primates section manager Kathryn Sanders said: “Effie and her baby kept us on our toes for the first 72 hours as we wanted to make sure that the attached umbilical cord didn’t pose any risk to the newborn.

“It was a huge relief to see baby feeding, moving normally and to get a glimpse of its bright eyes peeking out from mum’s arms.

Gorilla holding baby
The gorilla baby’s sex has not been confirmed (London Zoo/PA)

Ms Sanders said staff are letting the mother and infant bond before confirming the sex of the young arrival.

More information about the zoo and information about how to visit London’s gorilla troop can be found at

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