Red kite found in Wales was Britain’s oldest after being ringed 26 years ago

A red kite, thought to be the oldest to survive in the wild in Britain and Ireland having reached 26 years of age, has been put to sleep after being found in a poor condition and unable to fly.

The bird was spotted by a member of the public in Llanybydder, Carmarthenshire in July and the RSPCA said a decision was made to humanely end its suffering.

An examination of the ring on the bird’s leg found it was 9,518 days old, having been ringed as a nestling in June 1997.

RSPCA wildlife officer Ellie West said: “This was such a beautiful bird – and I could tell that it was an adult and of a good age.

The red kite was found to be the oldest in the UK and Ireland (RSPCA/PA)
The bird was ringed 26 years ago as a nestling and there were no other recorded sightings of it until now (RSPCA/PA)

“Unfortunately, due to the extent of the kite’s condition, it meant that the bird could not be helped and was put to sleep to prevent further suffering.

“The bird wasn’t able to fully extend its wings at carpal joints and was showing signs of bumblefoot along with other concerns, meaning sadly rehabilitation wasn’t an option.”

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) confirmed the bird had been ringed as a nestling on June 20 1997 and said it was the oldest red kite known to them.

“I’m sure they had a full life and it would be lovely to think that it may have reared several offspring over the years in the area too – although the sex is unknown.”

Lee Barber, from the BTO, added: “This red kite now holds the longevity record for the oldest known wild red kite in Britain and Ireland.

“Amazingly, this is the first and only report of this bird in 26 years and 22 days since it was ringed as a nestling back in 1997.

“It’s brilliant when people take the time to report ringed birds, as it helps us to gain a greater understanding of bird populations across the UK.

“Had this bird not been wearing a ring we would have no indication at all that it had become the oldest known of its species, as once red kites have moulted out of their immature plumage, they look pretty much identical irrespective of age.”

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