Cooper warns rapists ‘the police will be after you’ under Labour government

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has warned rapists and abusers “the police will be after you” under a Labour government.

Ms Cooper used her keynote speech at the party conference to set out Labour’s strategy to tackle violence against women and girls.

She told the conference hall that she was “sick and tired” of women who faced abuse and violence “being failed”, generation after generation.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper speaking during the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool
Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper was speaking during the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool (Peter Byrne/PA)

Sharing a personal story, Ms Cooper began her speech saying: “My great-great-grandmother was attacked by her husband. First when she was pregnant. The report says he struck and kicked her so she could not sit or lie in bed.

“Then he attacked her with a poker. In front of her daughter. The case went to court, the magistrates bound him over to keep the peace.

“But you know the most shocking thing about that story? That is more protection from the police and courts than many domestic abuse victims get today.”

Setting out Labour’s strategy, she said: “Enough is enough, we will not stand for this anymore.

“The next Labour government will put rape investigation units in every force, domestic abuse experts in every 999 call centre. We will require police forces to use tactics normally reserved for organised crime or terrorist investigations to identify and go after the most dangerous repeat abusers and rapists and get them off our streets.

“Know this: if you abuse and hurt women, under a Labour government the police will be after you.”

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