Sunak to tell Jewish community ‘I am with you’ amid Israel conflict

Rishi Sunak will use a speech in London later to tell the UK’s Jewish community that the Government is taking the “necessary steps” to protect them.

The Prime Minister, in an address to a behind-closed doors forum on resilience to global threats, will tell Jewish people in the UK: “I am with you.”

Hundreds of people have been killed in Israel and Gaza, after an attack by Hamas militants sparked a fresh wave of conflict in the region.

In is address at the Future Resilience Forum, Mr Sunak is expected to say: “Last night, we flew the Israeli flag over Number 10 to show our solidarity with the people of Israel and our utter condemnation of the horrific violence that Hamas unleashed over the weekend.

“On Saturday morning, terrorists crossed into Israel intent on murder and kidnap. Whole families were killed. Women, children and the elderly were taken hostage.

“Innocent teenagers at a festival of peace were gunned down in cold blood and the sickening evidence posted online.

“It is inhuman – and it will not stand. Terrorism will not prevail.

“Israel has the absolute right to defend itself and to deter further incursions.

“We are working with the Israeli authorities to support them and we’re doing everything possible to support British citizens who were caught up in the attacks and the families of those who perished.

“I also want to say a word to Jewish communities here at home: I am with you. And we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that you feel safe.”

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