Glasgow man ‘trapped in own home’ uses kayak to access the road

A Glasgow man said he felt “trapped” in his own home and resorted to using a kayak to access the road, due to flooding in the city.

Michael Paterson, from Barmulloch, paddled away from his home in a kayak after Leadburn Road flooded on Saturday after heavy downpours.

Mr Paterson 32, said the road was prone to flooding and he had needed to replace three cars in two years due to water damage.

He said he was “frustrated” and used his kayak to highlight the situation.

Man kayaking on a residential road that is flooded
Michael Paterson said the water reached three feet (Michael Paterson/PA)

“Myself and others have lost cars or have had to pay for damages – I have lost three cars due to this.”

He said Glasgow City Council should “take responsibility” for the flooding.

He said: “The council is taking no responsibility and the issue with the drainage has been ongoing for a matter of years.

Man kayaking on a residential road that is flooded
Mr Paterson used his kayak to highlight the flooding (Michael Paterson/PA)

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said staff have “worked round the clock” to clear the water after it received 91 reports of flooding on Saturday.

He told the PA news agency: “Unfortunately we did not receive any reports of flooding in Leadburn Road yesterday.

“We received 91 different reports of flooding in Glasgow over the course of Saturday and our teams worked round the clock through difficult conditions to get all of these incidents cleared.”

He said: “If there are further flooding incidents at this location then these should be reported directly to the council and we will investigate further.”

Scotland was hit by relentless rainfall starting on Saturday and continuing through the night, causing travel disruption on roads and railways.

Those in the north of Scotland have been warned there is still a “risk to life” from severe flooding.

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