What the papers say – October 7

The arrest of a man over an alleged plot to kidnap and murder This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby leads the Saturday papers.

The Daily Mirror, The Sun and the Daily Express say a court heard Gavin Plumb is alleged to have conspired online with another man and created a “detailed plan” to carry out the offences.

Elsewhere, police wrongly labelled hundreds of suspected rapists as women, the Daily Telegraph reports, despite the Home Secretary saying they should not.

The Independent also focuses on crime, saying there are a record number of suspected rapists in Britain due to a growing court backlog.

The Times relays Labour’s message that the NHS must “modernise or die” as they pledge to double the number of diagnostic scanners in hospitals.

The Daily Mail says “dozens” of universities, police forces, fire services and councils have “male menopause” policies.

Meanwhile, a group of Metro Bank bondholders have contacted the lender’s board to propose a £600 million capital injection, according to the FT Weekend.

And the Daily Star features a story paying tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson’s late wife Lady Cathy Ferguson, who died at the age of 84.

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