Green Party outlines ambitions to secure more seats and help cut bills

The Green Party believes it can help “cut bills for good” if it wins four seats at the next general election, according to its co-leaders.

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay outlined their hopes to make bigger parties follow their lead on several issues, including a nationwide home insulation scheme, if they can boost their numbers in the House of Commons.

They said this will involve calling for a series of policies aimed at helping the environment and easing the cost of living for people.

Caroline Lucas is currently the only Green MP although she will not seek re-election for Brighton Pavilion.

Speaking at the Green Party conference in Brighton, Mr Ramsay said: “With a general election coming up next year we have an opportunity like never before to make a real difference, to elect four MPs who will lead the way for the other parties to follow.

“Because we know that we can do better than this.”

Ms Denyer said: “The Conservatives have been a disaster for the climate, playing cynical political games with the biggest issue of our time.”

She added: “And Labour? Following them every step of the way – willing onlookers to the Conservatives’ climate crimes.”

Ms Denyer criticised the development of the Rosebank oil and gas field and said the solutions to the cost-of-living crisis are the same as the climate crisis.

She went on: “With four Green MPs in Parliament we’ll have the voices to call for a nationwide home insulation scheme, not just to lower emissions but to make people’s homes warm in winter and cut their bills for good.

“Proper investment in renewable energy, the cheapest way to generate electricity, not just to decarbonise our energy system but to create new jobs across the country, improve our energy security and cut bills for good.”

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