‘Predatory’ policeman who raped friend is jailed for more than 16 years

A “predatory” police officer has been jailed for 16 and a half years for “abusing his position of trust” by violently raping a friend and sexually assaulting a second woman.

Pc Ravi Canhye, who served Dorset Police, was convicted of two charges of rape, one count of attempted rape and three charges of assault of penetration, and a charge of sexual assault against the second woman.

The trial at Winchester Crown Court heard that the 47-year-old from Poole slapped and mauled the first victim before pinning her down and raping her while verbally abusing her.

He then threatened to abuse her with his truncheon and a vodka bottle, the court was told.

She added: “Your behaviour was predatory, selfish and uncaring towards these two women.”

The judge continued: “Your being a serving police officer is an aggravating feature, your status means your victims placed a level of trust in you.”

The judge also issued a restraining order against Canhye, placed him on the sex offenders register and made him subject to a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) requiring him to notify the police of any future sexual relationship.

Ravi Canhye court case
Ravi Canhye was jailed for 16 and a half years (Dorset Police/PA)

In a victim impact statement read to the court, the first victim said that she was no longer a “happy and confident” person as a result of the attack.

She said that she felt “shame and embarrassment” and isolated from her friends and she suffered from anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks.

She added she was “battered and bruised” after the incident and said: “The indignity of it was almost unbearable.”

The second victim said she was shocked that Canhye was a police officer and added: “I couldn’t believe someone who behaved like that could be one, he has abused his position of trust.”

She added that she felt “frightened to leave my home”.

Describing the incident in April 2022, the prosecutor said the first victim had become frightened and obeyed his orders.

Ms Jones said: “It came to a point where, she says, every time he was being too rough, when he was hurting her, that was exciting him and that made him worse at what he did.”

She added: “She considered he was behaving like an animal and that she considered him to be behaving like an animal seemed to drive him on more.”

Giving evidence, the first complainant said: “He was a friend, I liked him, very polite, very courteous towards me, I trusted him as a friend, I also trusted him because he was a police officer. I did have some feelings but I didn’t vocalise them.”

The sexual assault against the second victim happened on the following day when the pair returned to the defendant’s home out of concern for his wellbeing because of his heavy drinking.

Dorset Police has confirmed that Canhye, who had been in public service for more than 20 years, was suspended after the allegations were made and faces misconduct proceedings.

The court heard that the defendant moved from Mauritius to work in psychiatric health before he became a special police officer and then joined the Metropolitan Police in 2009, before moving to the Dorset force.

James Newton-Price, defending, said that Canhye had resigned from the force and added: “The outcome is devastating for Mr Canhye, not only in relation to his good name but his career.”

He added: “He would not have behaved as he did other than for his heavy alcohol consumption.”

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