King Charles to appear on Australian dollar coins before Christmas

The King will appear on 10 million one dollar coins in Australia with his effigy to be put in circulation before Christmas, the country’s government announced.

Charles’ effigy was designed by the Royal Mint in London with the two dollar and the five, 10, 20 and 50 cent coins set to be released progressively next year.

The assistant minister for treasury Andrew Leigh said: “For the first time since 1953 the King’s effigy will appear on an Australian coin.

“For most Australians, this will be the first time they have held in their hands a coin with a King.

“As is traditional, the new effigy will switch direction. Queen Elizabeth II faced to the right. King Charles III will face to the left.”

Mr Leigh added: “We were always going to continue to have the Sovereign on the coin.”

King Charles Coin
King Charles will appear on Australian coins before Christmas (Australian Department of Treasury/ PA)

When asked why it took Australia almost a year to introduce the coin, Mr Gordon said: “It’s not something that we particularly want to rush, we want to get it right.

“These coins will last for 30 years, or more, depending on the usage that they get.”

King Charles coin
There will be 10 million dollar coins in circulation by Christmas in Australia (Royal Australian Mint/ PA)

In February, the Australian Reserve Bank announced that King Charles’ image would not feature on Australia’s new five dollar banknote, and its portrait of the late Queen is to be replaced with a design honouring Indigenous Australians.

The decision came after consultation with the Australian government, with the future design intended to pay tribute to “the culture and history of the First Australians”.

The late Queen’s portrait has featured on the five dollar note since 1992, and is drawn from photographs commissioned by the Reserve Bank in 1984.

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