Union chief warns ‘no end in sight to cost-of-living crisis’

A union leader has warned there is no end in sight to the cost-of-living crisis despite the fall in inflation.

Unions pointed out that RPI inflation remained in double figures despite falling to 11.4% in April from 13.5% in March.

Rising prices have played a key part in the wave of strikes which continue to be held in many sectors of the economy as workers see their pay fall further behind inflation.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Falling inflation does not mean we’ve reached a turning point where things can only get better.

“The cost of food is now reaching record highs – driven of course by rampant profiteering by the supermarkets, in particular.

“Until profiteering is challenged there can be no respite from continuing inflation.”

TUC general secretary Paul Nowak said: “Prices are still rising much faster than wages and families cannot restore their lost living standards without stronger wage growth.

“Rishi Sunak does not have a plan to get wages rising and he wants to sack workers who use their right to strike to get a fair pay deal.

“We all want inflation to fall faster, but working families are also suffering from this Government’s failure to get wages growing. This needs to change too.”

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