Podcast host said politician’s daughter should be raped, trial hears

A podcast host accused of stirring up racial hatred suggested a politician’s daughter should be raped to prompt authorities to deal with what he called “Muslim grooming gangs”, a trial has heard.

Self-professed “devout racist” James Allchurch, 51, from Pembrokeshire, made the comment while discussing child sexual exploitation with National Action co-founder Alex Davies on his show Radio Aryan, later renamed Radio Albion.

The clip was played to a jury at Swansea Crown Court on Tuesday where Allchurch is standing trial on charges related to his channel, which has been described by prosecutor Jonathan Rees KC as “highly racist and antisemitic”.

Allchurch did not name an individual politician in the audio, but claimed the political class were responsible for children in the UK being turned into “sex slaves” as they allowed migrants into the country.

Counter-terrorism investigator Detective Constable Christopher Cooper told the court the episode was uploaded to an open access website and had been available to listen to by members of the public.

During the 51-minute recording entitled Stand Up For Your Community, co-host Davies said society was divided into those who are socially and financially insulated from crime and live in “clean white areas” and those who are not.

In response, Allchurch said he was “glad to hear” when politicians are mugged by “migrants who they brought into this country”.

He added: “It’s about time the politicians started to feel some of this for themselves.

“I really don’t like to say it, but we need to have one of these politicians’ daughters and get them raped by one of these grooming gangs and see if they do anything about it then.

“This is going to happen and it is going to start affecting them soon.

“They are the source of this, they have done this to us.”

Both men talked about communities being “failed” by the “ruling elite”, and Allchurch later called those in power “traitors”.

He said: “It’s only the right that’s really speaking up about what’s going on now.”

Throughout the episode and the next played to the court, entitled Banned In The UK, the pair claimed violent and sexual crimes in Britain are predominantly carried out by non-white and migrant people.

They repeated negative stereotypes about ethnic minorities, including Jewish people, and continually used racial slurs.

Both Davies and Allchurch also continued to propagate the idea the country is in a “race war”.

With Allchurch claiming that people are living “in fear” of being called racist “unless you are a devout racist like me and you”.

Davies, from Swansea, was jailed in June last year for eight-and-a-half years for being a member of a banned far-right organisation. He is understood to have been on court bail when he appeared on the podcast with Allchurch.

Allchurch is facing 15 counts of distributing audio material to stir up racial hatred over a two-year period. Each charge is related to a separate podcast episode, long extracts of which are being in court.

When played, each episode begins with a short clip of the British patriotic song Rule Britannia before Allchurch can be heard launching into a topic often related to a current affairs news story, such as the grooming gang scandals in areas like Rotherham or Telford or the racist remarks made by the then-Ukip leader Henry Bolton’s girlfriend about Meghan Markle.

The trial continues.

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