£20,000 reward offered for help finding missing woman’s remains

Police are offering a reward of £20,000 for information which would help recover the remains of a missing 70-year-old woman.

Norma Girolami, from Highgate in north London, was last seen alive in August 2021.

The Metropolitan Police has said she regularly travelled to Brent Cross to do her shopping using public transport to make her way there. She was also a member at Archway Leisure Centre.

Norma Girolami missing
Norma was reported missing on September 20 last year (Metropolitan Police/PA)

All communication from Norma stopped that evening.

Detective Chief Inspector Kate Blackburn, leading the investigation, said: “Since 19 August 2021, there has been no communication from Norma and no proof, or indication, that she is still alive. For those reasons we have to conclude that there is sadly no doubt Norma is dead.

“Did you meet with Norma in London, at the leisure centre or in Leigh-On-Sea? You may have information that could help bring Norma’s family the answers that they so desperately need.

“We are aware of the possibility that her body may have been buried in a community space or a graveyard.

“Did you see anything unusual in the days following 19 August 2021, perhaps involving a grey coloured Kia Niro car that we have appealed for previously?

“If you saw something that seemed odd to you, no matter how insignificant it may seem please do give us a call and share what you saw.”

Pia Graham, Norma’s cousin said: “It is now a year since Norma went missing and there is still no sign of where she might be, even though the police have been working tirelessly to try to find her.

“A number of us in Norma’s family, and her friends, already challenged by daily life, whether it be due to poor health, getting older, or just difficult circumstances, have now had to face this bewildering and painful loss of a loved one who just seems to have vanished and apparently without any clue as to how this happened.

“And we do not feel we can even have a church service for Norma while she is still missing. The whole situation is heart-breaking, as much as it is shocking.

“My cousin was a life-affirming, loving, kind and thoughtful 70-year-old lady who would never have left us in the lurch, and we can only imagine in nightmarish thoughts of what may have happened to her.

“So, please, please, as we have asked in the past, if you think you saw the woman in these photos on or around August 19-20 last year, and no matter how vague your recollection, get in touch with the police and let them know. Thank you.”

A man was charged with her murder in October 2021. He is currently in custody awaiting trial.

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