Japanese artist who uses hair for impressions secures BGT’s golden buzzer

An act from Japan who uses his hair to do impressions has won the coveted golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent.

Nabe, who said he wants to “make people smile all over the world”, imitated a number of characters including Maleficent, Snoopy, Shaun The Sheep, and Simon Cowell’s chest hair.

The 38-year-old shocked the judges as he brushed his hair into different styles, sometimes adding components like shaving cream.

Amanda Holden, who pressed the special buzzer, said: “Normally when I press my golden buzzer I’m then in floods of tears and I do a big speech.

“This is so different it’s just made me howl. Absolutely laugh my head off.”

Sunday’s show began with judges Cowell and Bruno Tonioli visiting a children’s choir called Amasing, where they surprised them by appearing from a giant box.

After their visit, the group took to the stage to sing one of their own songs before being awarded a Yes by all four judges.

Next up was an aerialist from Mexico who also won approval across the board after doing acrobatic movements with an elevated hoop.

Holden called her a “true artist” and said the performance was “incredible”.

But the panel was also left unimpressed by a number of acts during the episode, including what appeared to be a robot dog that was unable to successfully complete an assault course, and 28-year-old entertainment manager James Digby who performed Whole Again by Atomic Kitten.

Another act came on stage dressed in an orange superhero costume and said his name was Captain Beany.

During his performance of a song about baked beans, featuring orange pom poms, Captain Beany received four red buzzers from the panel.

There was also a band made up of life-size balloon versions of the judges, put together by 56-year-old David Crofts, who performed to Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

A magician said he would be creating a “magic moment in time” before he took Tonioli’s watch and made it disappear.

He then went on a walk with Cowell and told him he had a dream about his personal memories.

Outside the arena he reunited Cowell with one of his old cars, which he said was an original from 30 years ago.

Elsewhere an ex-veteran of the British Army got the audience to their feet during a high octane performance of a song he had written about the weekend.

A blind couple called Denise and Stefan, who met on a train in 2006, took to the stage to perform a song, with Denise singing and Stefan playing the piano.

Cowell told them the reality competition show is nothing “without people like you”, adding: “I’m so happy that you made the decision to come on our show.”

Toniolo was left in tears by the performance and said: “I’m a mess, this show is killing me.”

Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV.

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